How to Write 100 Promotional Ads for Your Business Products or Services

Write Promotional Ads for Your BusinessCan you write effective, traffic-pulling promotional ads for your company’s products and services? If you can’t or simply don’t have the time or resources to do so, this article should be of great interest to you. Why? Because here you will be informed of cost-effective possibilities and alternatives to promote your business, which include writing promotional ads.How to Write 100 AdsAn overview of the process to write 100 promotional ads begins with noting the major aspects of your business products or services. These are, in effect, your keywords. You should then write an approximately 50-word or so ad featuring each of the keywords or aspects of your business that you’ve selected. An effective ad should include the following:- An attention-getting title or header- Mention of benefits to the client or customer- A call to action for the potential client or customer- Contact information such as email, website address, telephoneHere’s a Promotional Ad Example:How Much is That Doggie in the Window?Pet shop owners, promote your polyglot parrots, boost your barking beagle sales, sell your slithering snakes and let me drive new customers to you at cost effective prices you’ll love. Pandered pet sales promotion details available. Email: your company email address hereI know it’s a bit corny, but I gotta have a little fun too, you know.This of course would be modified to better suit your company products and services details. If you have a least a dozen or more main keywords and you generate a short ad for each one, that’s a great start. The first dozen or so ads can then be rewritten using synonyms and rewording to produce yet another dozen or so ads. Now you’ll have, say, twenty five ads ready. Another paraphrase or rewrite session will then net you an additional batch of ads bringing you to forty ads, more or less.Now check for more possible keywords. Brainstorm, have a cup of coffee, chat with coworkers or associates. Were you able to snag a few more keywords? Great! Run through the same process again with these additional keywords which can net you perhaps an additional ten to fifteen ads. Now you’re cooking! We’re up to around fifty or so ads total so far, right?Conduct a Keyword SearchIf you haven’t already, be sure to run a keyword search for your business products and services on a website such as Google’s AdWords Keyword search page or SEO Keyword Tracker online. Just do a search for “keyword search” in any search engine and you’ll find sites where you can do this. So if you can come up with say, forty or fifty base keywords, you’re practically home free. Have a cigar, a shot of Jack or a butter pecan ice cream scoop. You can always use the rewriting process described earlier to double the quantity of ads you’ve written until you have one hundred and perhaps even more, keyword-based promotional ads ready.Posting Free Promotional Ads for Your BusinessFinally, you can post your ads online at CraigsList, FreeAds or other free online classified ad carrier sites. Don’t forget to post on the many paid classified ads sites either. The more, the merrier. Soon new clients will start flowing into your email inbox or your website as a constant stream. Convert their interest from information-seeking to purchasing customers and there you have it. The cycle is complete.Conceptually, you now know how to approach writing 100 promotional ads for your business products or services. If you have questions, would like a quote or some additional information, or simply lack the time and resources to complete the process yourself, you should contact an experienced, professional article writer or copywriter for assistance. A functional batch of productive promotional ads can be produced quickly, often in less than a week, and at a very reasonable cost. Hopefully this information has helped.

Business Productivity – How to Get the Most Leverage and Reach Out of Every Hour

Would you like to get the most leverage and greatest result out of every hour of your day? How about the time, intelligence and energy of everyone on your team?Here are 7 ways to get leverage working for you:1. Leverage your time – Most of us have been trained to think in 60-minute hours. Well, studies have shown that we all tend to spread tasks to fill the allotted time. Break that habit by scheduling meetings for 27 minutes, and blocking off chunks of uninterrupted work time for 45 minutes.2. Leverage your intelligence – Plan on doing a task 3 times: the first to work through the possible steps, the second to work on getting the kinks and obstacles solves, and the third to document it. Next teach it to someone else so you’ve transferred the ‘know how’ to others.3. Leverage your energy – Many of us are working in office environments, doing very little movement of our bodies the entire day. Set aside 5 minute per hour to leave the desk, and walk briskly for 4 minutes. It’s even better if you’re in a building with stairs – go up and down the stairs for those minutes and your alertness will soar and the pounds will drop off from keeping your metabolism up all day.4. Leverage your team – Begin every day by listing everything you want to accomplish. Then create a separate list with the 3 key goals you will focus on. Take all the other goals and assign them to other people to get done.5. Leverage your systems – Assign each system for the work you do in your business to another person. Give them the task of evaluating “all the ways it might be done more efficiently, effectively, productively and profitably.” You’ll be leveraging everyone’s attention – stirring up the best thinking of everyone in the company AND their enthusiasm as well.It’s really amazing! When you use “leverage” as the key to running your business, you’ll continually find ways of creating more results with less effort and energy.